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This page collects resources for Community Data Science Collective members.

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Chat on IRC

A number of us are idling in #communitydata on OFTC ( IRC is basically a chat system that is similar to Slack in many ways. In fact, it was the inspiration for Slack!

To use IRC, you'll need a client. A really good one for folks new to IRC is IRCCloud. With IRCCloud there is a web interface as well as good Apps for iOS and Android.

One limitation of IRCCloud is that, after a 1-week trial period, the system will disconnect folks every two hours. There are a couple options for this. The easiest one is subscribing to IRC cloud which costs $5/month or $50 a year. Aaron will pay the bill!

The other options involve connecting through an IRC "bouncer" (such as ZNC) or connecting through a service like the Matrix protocol. While there are numerous clients, Salt recommends Riot which is freely supported on every platform. Join the room `` to bridge into IRC from Matrix.

Registering your nick

Due to spam, we have sometimes blocked "non-registered" users from posting to #communitydata. This helps a lot with the spam but has a big disadvantage in that if you speak on the channel but are not registered, nobody else will be able to hear you!

It's a good idea to register your nickname or "nick" in any case because it means that can essentially reserve your nickname so that nobody else can have it.

If you've already done this long ago, you can stop reading, there's nothing new to do. If you haven't gotten fully registered and verified, here are the four "easy" steps, heavily mediated by the NickServ bot:

  1. From IRC (, /msg NickServ register <<your password>> <<your email>>
  2. Verification is via the website, see: [1]
  3. Ask NickServ 'checkverify' and she'll tell you if you're verified.
  4. Please say something on the channel to test. If you do not get a response, your messages can still be seen by community members. /msg mako or ashaw for help.


The light in the lab at UW is funny. We have three fluorescent lights. On flipping the light switch, only two turn on. The third turns on eventually. We are studying this arcane phenomenon over at CommunityData:Light events

Game IDs

  • CommunityData:GameIDs — A directory containing the game IDs for CDSC members to connect with each other across various gaming platforms.