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Email Aliases[edit]

The following email lists/aliases exist for communication among the CDSC members:

  • — Current CDSC research faculty, staff at UW.
  • — Current CDSC research faculty, staff at Northwestern.
  • — Members of the two previous "collective" lists.
  • — Everybody on the collective-uw list plus a few undergrads, affiliates, and others who come to the UW meetings.
  • — Bring Your Own Resarch (NU)

You can also a list of email addresses here:

Adding/Updating Email Aliases[edit]

Members of lists should be able to request a password and remove themselves from an email list on their own. They do by navigating to the appropriate page on our mailing list server.

For help being added or removed from a list, contact either:

  • Nate TeGrotenhuis <>
  • Jeremy Foote <>
  • Benjamin Mako Hill <>
  • Aaron Shaw <>

These people all have a super-user password and are administrators on all lists. If you want to be one of those people to spread out the work/responsibility (♥!) contact one of the people above.

Technical Notes for Adding/Updating Email Aliases[edit]

Most changes can simply be made on our mailing list website.

To make a new list, you first need root on First, run the newlist command which will ask for list name moderator and an initial password:

$ sudo newlist

Second, visit the web interface Mailman web interface. Log in with the password you created (or the global administrative password) and make any changes you want.