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In addition to the weekly lab meetings, there are a variety of other things you might want to consider signing up for.

UW Reading Groups[edit]

  • Sociotechnocanonicon — Our very own great books discussion series allows members of the CDSC to build their familiarity with some of the classic works which are foundational in studies of online communities and peer production. Typically runs only in summers. Contact Mako in the late spring/early summer if you'd like to be involved and are not on the collective@ mailing list.
  • UW Social Computing Reading Group — A weekly meeting, run four quarters a year. Folks sign to "host" which means suggesting a paper. Mostly folks from HCDE, the iSchool, and Communication.
    • Google Group — You have to be added to the list. Contact Mako to have your email added.

UW talks series, colloquia, and seminars[edit]

Seattle-based (but Non-UW) groups/meetings[edit]

Online Seminars[edit]