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This is a list of key things to know about getting reimbursed for a grant-funded expense. The key is to work with Maria Galent and keep Aaron posted about things.

  • All expenses and reimbursements related to the grant need to go through Maria Galent (maria.galent [at] northwestern [dot] edu). Maria's great and can help answer any questions you have.
  • In general, the reimbursement rules and procedures are nearly identical to those for other travel and research expenses at NU -- everything just goes through Maria instead of Jordan Dues. If you're not familiar with NU reimbursement rules and procedures, just talk to one of the NU CDSC affiliates and we can probably help.
  • Two key differences from other reimbursements:
    • flights must be on US-based airlines
    • costs related to the purchase of alcohol cannot be reimbursed.
  • In general, Aaron's happy for CDSC student affiliates to get reimbursed for food and accommodations using either individual receipts or the federal per diem rates. If you use per diems, please keep in mind: you do not have to request all of the possible per diem funds for every day of a trip. Please be responsible with our group's resources and only request reimbursements for the amount you spend (common pool resource management!).
  • As with other expenses reimbursed through Aaron's other accounts, you'll need to get his approval before or after you submit the receipts/requests.
  • Since NSF periodically audits, we need to provide Maria with appropriate documentation when we use the grant to attend conferences, etc. This means you'll need to submit a link to the conference/workshop/whatever program with your name in it.