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In order to get access to private data from the Scratch dataset, you must complete an online human subjects training as an MIT affiliate.

We have to do this at MIT because the IRB oversight for this project is through MIT (UW has delegated authority). As soon as you have passed it, someone at MIT will have to add you all as researchers to our approved protocol at MIT.

Both MIT and UW use the CITI program website.

  • Join that website, create an account.
  • Choose to affiliate with the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)."
  • Under the MIT system, take and pass the course called, "Social & Behavioral Research Investigators."

It will probably take an afternoon or so to do. If you've already done approval at UW or elsewhere, this should be a very quick process.

Once you are done please click the print report buttons and email it to Benajmin Mako Hill.

Approval as a UW researcher[edit]

Although it is entirely optional for doing Scratch research, it might be useful to also register as a UW affiliate. This is not required for this research process can be required for other research and or class reqiurements.

To do so, add an affiliation with UW after you have completed the MIT training. Then, take and pass the course "Social/Behavioral" for UW in the CITI system. You will only have to answer questions that are on the UW course that are not on the MIT one. This only took me a few minutes when I did it. You might not need to do anything.