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Useful Resources[edit]

Robustness Checks[edit]

  • Pre-period matching placebo test
  • Normal placebo test

Task Management[edit]


(Updated March 15th)

Get missing wikis[edit]

  • ASAP Need to use wikilist3.csv to determine which wikis we don't have - Salt (with Mako's help)
  • ASAP Download the rest and put them through wikiq and build edit weeks - Salt (with Mako's help)


  • Another meeting with full team to go over the results and try to make sense of them (after Sneha takes a first stab)
  • Determine any other models we want to run


  • Switch from Haythornwaite to Reader to Leader framing (Sneha)
  • knitr integration (Sneha + Nate)
  • plots (Salt)
  • Better pictures of message walls (Sneha)
  • Better explanations of why talk pages suck (Sneha)
  • Zotero streamlining