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Getting a UW NetID[edit]

The first step will be getting a UW NetID. This process must be started by Benjamin Mako Hill who will sponsor an account for you. If you already have a UW NetID, you will skip this step. The process can work in one of three ways. One process involves an in-person sign-up and is much easier and fast. The second "remote" version will involve you FAXing a copy of your government-issued photo identification to UWIT. The third is the "deferred" process which we can use for several months until you meet in person with Mako.

In either case, this process needs to be started by Mako. Mako will then use the Sponsored UW NetID tool.

Access to Hyak[edit]

Once you have a NetID, you should contact Mako with the NetID and ask to have that NetID added to the Hyak group. This will enable your account to access the Hyak system.

NOTE: It may take several minutes for your account to be updated with these options after Mako has added you to the Hyak group.

Subscribe to Hyak[edit]

Once your UW Net ID has been enabled for access to the Hyak system, you can be subscribed to the service. After you subscribe, it may take up to an hour for your account to be fully provisioned. To subscribe, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Computing Services" link on the left
  3. Click the "Hyak Server" and "Lolo Server" check boxes in the "Inactive Services" section.
  4. Click the "Subscribe >" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Read the notice and click the "Finish" button.

Two Factor Authentication[edit]

A two-factor token is required to login to Hyak and You will need to set up two-factor authentication with Duo.

If you are from UW, you can just go to this page:

If you are not from UW, you will see a page that says "You are not eligible..." If you see this page, you need to email with a subject that begins with "Hyak: " (something like "Hyak: Two factor authentication"). In the email, requrest access to a 2FA token in order to use Hyak. Be sure to mention your UW NetID and the fact that you are working with Benjamin Mako Hill <>. UW IT will forward your request to the groups team at UW, who will then create an exception for your NetID to enroll in 2FA. Then you'll be able to access to set up 2FA with Duo.

Documentation and Next Steps[edit]

Check out the Hyak User Wiki for more information about the system and check out CommunityData:Hyak for details on getting connected to our setup and additional tips.

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