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We're meeting in Seattle on April 6th and 7th!

Plan and Preparation[edit]

The current plan is to have Day 1 (April 6th) focused on critique and feedback and Day 2 (April 7th) focused on group work.

Critique and Feedback Sessions[edit]

For the critique and feedback sessions we're expecting everybody who wants to participate to submit (a) something in writing (e.g., a paper, a Matsuzaki outline, an extended abstract) and (b) a list of questions or types of feedback you want. Please only submit something you want feedback on!

If you want to participate, you need to email something to by the end of day on Sunday April 1. No joke! Not everybody needs to participate but anybody who does participate should only submit one thing.

We're expecting that everyone attending will have read all the material submitted and will bring notes to the meeting. When we meet, everyone who has submitted something will get at least half an hour (more if possible).

When we meet, the rule will be no presentations and no formal introductions. The plan to just jump in and start answering the questions and talking about thing we've all ready.


Anyone attending should plan to be around and available from Friday April 6 8:30am through until Saturday April 7th 3:00pm (including the evening of Friday April 6th.)

There is an optional (but extremely fun!) get-together on Thursday April 5th 5-6pm that will involve dinner.

Thursday April 5

  • 5pm-8pm: Group Outing @ Living Computer Museum (Location: 2245 First Ave S, Seattle WA 98134). Come anytime before 7:30! If you're going to arrive just for dinner, meet us at the restaurant!
  • 8pm-10pm: Dinner at the Orient Express Restaurant and Lounge which is "a karaoke bar and Chinese and Thai food restaurant...inside of a series of antique refurbished train cars." We'll likely have a private car with food and karaoke for anybody who feels the urge. This is all Salt's idea. (Location: 2963 Fourth Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134) Reservations Made!

If folks want to stay out later and want more karaoke, Venus Karaoke has private rooms for karaoke as well as all your favorite Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and English songs. Bush Garden has the kind of karaoke that happens in front of tons of drunk people in a classic kitschy Japanese restaurant and lounge.

Friday April 6

  • 8-8:30am: Bagels or similar @ Community Data Science Lab (CMU306)
  • 8:30am-3pm: Critique and Feedback Sessions @ Community Data Science Lab (CMU306)
  • 12-1pm: Bánh mì from Saigon Deli! @ Community Data Science Lab (CMU306) [Organized by Nate]
  • 3pm-5pm: Reception, Posters Session @ Community Data Science Lab (CMU306)
  • 5pm-6pm: Decompression and cleanup
  • 6:30pm-8:30pm: Dinner at Seattle's favorite Mexican food and kayak rental joint Aguaverde Reservations Made!
  • 8:30pm-10pm: Board Game Night! at UW

Saturday April 7

  • 8:30am-3pm: Meetings/work, lunch @ Community Data Science Lab. We'll leave the agenda open and lets folks suggest what they want. (CMU306)
  • Lunch from Xi'an Noodles — enter your order before 11am so Kaylea can have it delivered


Who's Hosting Who?[edit]

Guest Tentative Host Notes
Aaron Mako Knows what he's getting into...
Sneha Nate Should be free during the whole period.
Jeremy Sayamindu
Julia Kaylea Let Mako or Aaron know if you're up for staying in a house with kids or a dog and we'll work something out!
Jim N/A We're assuming you're going to stay with friends. Let us know if that's not true.

Description of hosting options here[edit]

  • Mako:
    • 1 guest room likely (but to be confirmed with housemates)
    • Other couches in shared/less-private space are also possible but probably not ideal.
  • Sayamindu
    • Airbed on the lower level/floor of my loft apartment
  • Kaylea
    • Need to confirm with family, but either downstairs bedroom with own bathroom/shower or upstairs bedroom with bathroom across the hall
    • House contains kids and dog, not vegetarian
    • Located in Shoreline (if you imagine UW located in Chicago's Lincoln Park, then Shoreline is Evanston...without the Purple/Red line).
  • Emilia:
    • 1 guest room
    • 1 sleep sofa (full)
    • 1 twin in my study
    • house in Bellevue -- bus downtown is just down the hill (connects to Link to UW) or walk (30 mins)/drive (< 10 mins) to bus to UW
    • I often walk, but could probably drive people to the bus (but can't guarantee this 100%)
    • 2 indoor only cats, very affectionate
  • Nate
    • Couches, airbed
    • The plan right now is for Sneha to stay

Ideas of fun things to do[edit]

Board Game Night activities[edit]

  • Scrawl
    • "Meet our adult doodling and caption-writing party game. You start by drawing a loaded phrase (e.g. Monkey Knife Fight) and passing it on. By the time your delightful drawing is interpreted by your friends' weird minds, things will have gone horribly wrong. Then it's most grins wins."
  • What Do You Meme?
    • "An adult party game for meme-lovers. The rules are simple. Each round, a rotating judge plays a Photo Card and everyone else plays a Caption Card to complete the meme. The judge decides the funniest pairing, and whoever played the winning Caption Card wins the round."

Travel Plans[edit]

If you are traveling in from outside, add your name and arrival details here (days, times and flights if you have them):

  • Sneha Narayan
    • 🛬 April 2 - Arriving 7:56 pm
    • 🛫 April 8 - Departing 5:51pm
    • Status: Purchased
    • Notes: Tentatively made plans to stay with Nate the entire time. Might need alternative accommodations if that ends up not working out. I have friends in the area that I can stay with if necessary.
  • Jeremy D. Foote
    • 🛬 April 5 - Arriving 4:47 p.m.
    • 🛫 April 8 - Departing 5:35 p.m.
    • Status: Purchased
    • Notes: I'd love to stay longer but kids!
  • Aaron D. Shaw
    • 🛬 April 5 ~11am
    • 🛫 April 10 ~9pm
    • Status: Purchased!
  • Julia Fernandez
    • 🛬 April 4 - Arriving 9:29 pm
    • 🛫 April 9 - Departing 2:10 pm
    • Status: Purchased
  • Jim Maddock
    • 🛬 April 4 2:50pm
    • 🛫 April 8 4:35pm
    • Status: purchased
    • Notes: I don't think I will need housing, although I need to check in with some friends.