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The purpose of this page is to centralize a collection of CDSC members' game IDs. At our July 2017 Meetup, a few of us discussed the games we play in our (limited) free time. Some of these games involve collaboration and playing together over the Internet, like Don't Starve Together. Being able to play with friends and family across vast distances in gaming activities is a great way to strengthen bonds and stay connected.

If you would like to join this directory, simply add your name to the list and include your Game IDs under their corresponding platforms. Also, feel free to include a list of the games you're willing to play with other members of the collective. We can use this directory to then add each other as friends on these platforms.

Steam (Windows, MacOS, and Linux)[edit]

  • Charlie: nozkrov
    • Don't Starve Together, Civilization V, Warframe
  • Salt: alt5alt
    • Don't Starve Together, Geometry Wars 3, Trine 2, Brutal Legend, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II

BattleNet (Windows and MacOS)[edit]

  • Charlie: MUMENRIDER#11483
    • Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone