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Big Shared Repository[edit]

  • List of the things we want in this:
  • Grant and fellowship proposals
  • Job application materials
  • Planning documents / outlines
  • Slide presentations?
  • Posters?
  • Is this the repository we work in for everything?
  • Final products repository
  • Letterhead
  • Peer Reviews,rebuttals (written and received)
  • Milestone documents (generals reading lists, syllabuses, dissertation proposals, theses)
  • IRB documents (protocols, recruitment forms, instruments, etc)
  • Letters of recommendation template


  • Upgrade is happening
  • CDSC move is coming soon (Mako has signed contract) 1 - 2 months
  • We'll have a smaller number of much faster computers
  • This may require different kinds of coordination
  • Suggestion: Start using MOX (new scheduler) instead of IKT sooner rather than later
  • Difference: Disk space on the new system - we pay for what we use (10 dollars per TB per month) - so this means less wiggle room in terms of space, and we need to be careful about not using too much extra space for compute jobs
  • We will start moving archival and unused data sets to Cloud-based storage (e.g. B2)
  • Get people Hyak accounts!


Group communication[edit]

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Bi-weekly global meetings
  • Bi-weekly campus meetings
  • Three email lists
  • send group announcements, to-do and requests here
  • IRC (irc cloud!)
  • Watercooler
  • Bot for doing @everyone type of posts / announcements within our IRC
  • Sketch Wikipage about IRC and group communication channels
  • Wiki
  • capture more durable instructions, resources, norms
  • "How to use X and what to use it for"
  • Etherpads
  • in-meeting notes, lightweight coordination


External communication / media[edit]

  • Getting the word out about our research to others
    • Twitter:
      • Congratulating our alumns? (Sneha, Sayamindu)
      • Tweet Deck
      • Salt
      • Charlie
      • Julia
    • Blog posts:
      • Op-eds
      • Informal posts / interviews
      • Congratulating our alumns? (Sneha, Sayamindu)
      • Book chapters
  • Shoot videos to explain our work?
  • Podcast?

Alumni / network building[edit]

  • Other CDSCs? (e.g. - Brian Keegan in CU Boulder)
    • Sayamindu - UNC Chapel Hill
    • Sneha - Carleton
    • Alumni continue attending retreats and workshops and send / introduce their students
    • Shared teaching resources?
    • Wiki pages, git repositories, etc.


  • Where to target for recruiting? How to get HCDE or iSchool students interested in Comm
  • Clubs
  • Invite undergrads in?
  • Can pay for RAs
  • Mentorship
  • Credit for classes
  • Undergrads
  • RU funding
  • Getting


Project & process management[edit]

  • Write down project stages/phases/milestones
  • Design first projects and assign more directly when possible
  • Smaller scale projects
  • More narrow role assignment
  • Independent project development
  • Write down skills, roles, goals for student development
  • Facilitate intra-group mentoring/students
  • Feedback and evaluation schedule
  • written component ahead of meeting
  • write down your agenda, goals, questions/concerns
  • Circulate materials ahead of meetings when possible every so-often

Retreat feedback / assessment[edit]

I like

  • Time mgmt, getting everyone some attention/pieces
  • Organization by UW!
  • On-schedule submissions, readings, feedback
  • Perpsective and background sharing
  • Open house
  • Fun activities, variety, work balance
  • Projects at new, deeper stages of development
  • in-person feedback
  • Time to hang out across campuses
  • Relationship building helps socialize, incorporate
  • Supportive feedback, consideration
  • Notes! Etherpads!

I wish, would change

  • Make sure we got plenty of space
  • better elevator music
  • Continue to develop intentional structure and active facilitation
  • Minimize travel, play it cool
  • Over-programming, adjusting on the fly, add some whitespace
  • watch long hours, days, nights, etc.
  • watch late nights + early mornings
  • Divide papers over two days
  • Maintain inclusive activities
  • Maybe do a hike / outdoors? (especially if it's a seattle meeting)

Big goals / vision[edit]

  • What's the book you're writing?
  • What's the big picture of everyone's work?
  • Next projects?