CommunityData:Onboarding Checklist

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Getting started[edit]

For a general introduction to resources we use, please read: CommunityData:Introduction to CDSC Resources.


After you have set up your institutional email, you might want to join some email lists.

  • Sign up for your local collective-LOCATION email list. Once you subscribe to one of these lists, you will also be on the (the full group) list.


We use IRC for chat.

  • Read the CommunityData:IRC page for info.
  • log onto IRC for the first time / set up your choice of IRC client
  • create and register your nick
  • join #communitydata and #communitydata-casual


Welcome to this wiki!

  • create a wiki account. Once you do, send a note to a more senior group member with your username and we'll grant your account some privileges (to help ensure none of your edits get caught up in our spam filters).
  • add yourself to the People page