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Group Blog[edit]

Our blog lives at

  • To get a user account, ask an existing group member (Mako and Aaron can definitely help, but most others can too).
  • To sign-in to the administrative/editing interface, go to:
  • The blog is set up to automatically post a tweet where (a) the text of the tweet is the title of the blog post and (b) a link to the blog post is provided. Because of our Twitter/Fediverse setup, anything posted on Twitter will be automatically posted on our Fediverse account as well.
  • Our (approximate) schedule lives here.


Our Twitter account is:

If you want to post things on Twitter, delete things from Twitter, live things on Twitter, etc, you can do so by:

  • Getting access to account... Most of you with Twitter accounts will already have access to the group Twitter account through Tweetdeck. If you don't yet, you need to having access delegated to your account. Ask on IRC for help. Mako and Aaron can definitely help but most other can too!
  • Log into:
  • Post messages should be relatively straight forward. You might need to right click and or "..." click in order to access features like "like from account".
  • Warning: Material is automatically cross-posted between Twitter and the Fediverse. See the #Fediverse / Twitter bridge section below.

Fediverse ([edit]

Our Fediverse home is:

  • If you need access, you will need the password. Contact Mako for the password.
  • Warning: Material is automatically cross-posted between Twitter and the Fediverse. See the #Fediverse / Twitter bridge section below.

Fediverse / Twitter Bridge[edit]

By default, anything posted on Twitter (not including retweets or quote retweets) will be posted onto the Fediverse. And vice versa. This is being handled by the web service

  • If you do not want to crosspost, you should include the hashtag #noxp or #nomoa in your tweet or toot. That's it.
  • If you want to disable and/or change things, you will need access to the Fediverse account and the Twitter account. Once you have those, you should be able to just log into which will use OAuth to connect to both sites.


The CDSC Youtube channel is:

This Youtube account is a "brand account" which is a special kind of Youtube-only Google account that has shared account access from a range of other Google accounts.

All the faculty should have access to the account. If you want access and don't have it, you should contact a faculty member at your institution and they should be add you at this URL:

There are really only two main things we would need access to the account for:

Uploading videos
This is pretty self-explanatory. Once the video is published, it will show up in our group channel.
Adding other videos to our channel page
Because videos can only be in one channel, it can't actually be in our channel if we don't upload video. That said, if there is some other video (e.g., added by a conference or a department or something), we can still add it to the page by first adding to a special playlist which is shown on that page. To do this we need to: (a) log into the brand account in the normal "switch accounts" way and then (b) right click on the three dots icon on a video and click "add to playlist" and then click the "Other CDSC videos" list.

Once we hit 100 subscribers we get to choose a custom URL. Don't forget to like and subscribe!