Intro to Programming and Data Science (Spring 2020)/Day 4 Coding Challenges

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Python for Everybody[edit]

Chapter 7: Exercises 1, 2, 3

Baby Names[edit]

Using the baby names data from The day 3 challenges:

  1. Get the ratio of names that start with each letter.
    • Do this for boys and girls.
    • Hint First line of output should be something like:
      a: boys: 0.1002914920750592 girls: 0.17587602795796703
  2. Are girls or boys more likely to have a name that is used by both genders?
  3. Figure out how to change the file so that it loads births from 2017 instead of 2018.

Above and beyond[edit]

  1. Figure out how to load two years of birth data simultaneously and compare them (e.g., identify the top 20 names from 2017 and figure out how many more/fewer people were named those names in 2018).
  2. Visualize some of the differences (probably in Excel)