Community Data Science Course (Spring 2019)/Day 3 Coding Challenges

From CommunityData


  1. Search for your own name. Are there both boys and girls that have your name? Is it more popular for one group than for the other?
    1. Hint: don't use a for loop for this one.
  2. What is the most common name for each gender?
  3. What is the least common name?
  4. How often does the least common name occur? (Does that bother you?)
  5. Are there more boys names or girls names?
    1. What about that start with "a"?
    2. (Challenge!) For every letter, tell if there are more boys names or girls names.
  6. What is the longest name in the dataset?
  7. How many boys and girls are described in the dataset (i.e., how many boys and girls born in 2013 have names given to at least four others)?
  8. How many boys names are also girls names? How many girls names are also boys names?
  9. What is the most popular girls name that is also a boys name?
  10. Discover at least one fact about the names that is not listed above.
  11. Challenge plot (in Excel) the number of people who share a name with n other people in the data set, where n is 4 to 19.