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Creating a new UW NetID[edit]

The first step will be getting a UW NetID. This process must be started by UW Faculty (e.g., Benjamin Mako Hill) who will sponsor an account for you. If you already have a UW NetID, you will skip this step. The process can work in one of three ways. One process involves an in-person sign-up and is much easier and fast. The second "remote" version will involve you FAXing a copy of your government-issued photo identification to UWIT. The third is the "deferred" process which we can use until you meet in person with your faculty sponsor.

At a minimum, let your sponsor know: your (1) first, (2) middle, and (3) last name and (4) your work email address.

Instructions for Faculty[edit]

That faculty member will then use the Sponsored UW NetID tool.


If you are getting access to Hyak, continue following the instructions at CommunityData:Hyak setup.

Provisioning other services[edit]

By default, your UW NetID is not good for much. UW faculty can sponsor services:

Extending NetIDs for UW alumnae[edit]

If you graduate from UW but are continuing to do work with the group, you will need an existing UW faculty member to provision service(s) using the provision link(s) above. It's important to communicate which service you use for email (e.g., GMail or Outlook) so that this service can be provisioned.

If you graduate from UW, you can continue to access the libraries through the alumni association. You can join the alumni association for free (after like 10 years you have to start paying a membership fee) and then fill out a form to get a new library card.