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| Jim
| Jim
| Zooniverse paper
| Zooniverse paper
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We're meeting in Seattle on March 28-30!

CDSC members at UW April 2018 meetup. Photo (CC BY-SA) by Sage Ross.


Another group meetup/retreat is upon us! Our tentative plan is to get dinner together on Thursday if folks are in town and available. On Friday morning we'll start with a small number of research presentations from affiliates and visitors as a way of getting to know folks. After those, we'll move into critique and feedback sessions followed by some evening fun. On Saturday we will host unconference sessions on whatever folks want to talk about and/or work on. As always, the plans may evolve shift.

Research Presentations

For the first time, we're planning to invite a small number of more formal talks from CDSC affiliates and visitors. There are two goals with these presentations: (a) introduce yourself and your research interests to the group; (b) present finished research to teach us something new! We've got a maximum of ~20 minutes per presentation (and it's a hard maximum) but you are welcome to use less time—especially if you are interested in presenting unfinished work a C&F session.

Critique and Feedback Sessions

For the critique and feedback sessions we're expecting everybody who wants to participate to submit (a) something in writing (e.g., a paper, a Matsuzaki outline, an extended abstract) and (b) a list of questions or types of feedback you want. Please only submit something you want feedback on!

If you want to participate, you need to email something to collective@communitydata.cc by the end of day on Friday, March 22. Not everybody needs to participate but anybody who does participate should only submit one thing.

We're expecting that everyone attending will have read all the material submitted and will bring notes to the meeting. When we meet, everyone who has submitted something will get at least half an hour (more if possible).

When we meet, these sessions will be run with no presentations and no formal introductions. The plan to just jump in and start answering the questions and talking about thing we've all already read.


An unconference is a participant driven meeting format where folks can organize sessions on any time they want. On Saturday morning we'll plan to have ~5 1-hour long sessions and 3-4 rooms/spaces. We won't set the schedule until Saturday morning but ideas for sessions you'd like to attend or run include:

  • Working with Spark on Hyak

Who's Coming?

Please add your name below if you think that you'll be attending any of the meetup's events! Also, if you'll be traveling and/or have food requirements, please fill out your information in the Accommodations section.

If you are planning on presenting during the critique and feedback sessions, add a "C&F with optional details next to your name on the list below! Not everybody will present so don't feel pressure to sign up.

Attendee C&F Session Thursday Dinner Friday Dinner Underworld Tour
Aaron (Attending remotely to the extent possible) No No No
Sneha (Attending remotely for C&F session) Message walls paper for imminent submission to CSCW No No No
Jeremy An agent-based simulation of online community joining and leaving Yes Yes Yes
Kaylea Yes Yes Yes
Charlie Organizational change and new technology in volunteer moderation teams Yes Yes Yes
Mako A formal model of online community growth and decline Yes Yes Yes
Emilia New Scratch project outline Yes Yes Yes
Nate One of a new ecology paper or my diss proposal. Yes Yes Yes
Salt MA Thesis Matsuzaki outline Yes Yes Yes
Jim Zooniverse paper No Yes Yes
Sayamindu NSF CAREER proposal Yes Yes Yes
Abel High level of toxicity in online communities as a risk factor for community death Yes Yes Yes
Jonathan Industry-friendly methods for designing ethical & human centered AI technologies ??? ??? ???
Morten ??? ??? ???
Isaac ??? ??? ???
Amanda No Maybe No

Proposed Agenda

[This schedule is currently just a proposal and the specific times will likely shift.]

Everyone attending should plan to be around and available from Friday, March 29 8:30am (ideally, Thursday evening/afternoon too) through Saturday, March 30 3:00pm (including Friday evening).

There is an optional (but extremely fun!) get-together on Thursday, March 28 6:30pm that will involve dinner.

Thursday, March 28

  • Afternoon: Evanstonians (and elsewheres) arrive in Seattle
  • 6:30pm: Meet for Dinner @ Ba Bar

Friday, March 29

  • 8:30am: Arrive + Breakfast (bagels or similar) @ Community Data Science Lab (CMU306)
  • 9-11am: Research Presentations from Affiliates & Visitors (20 min max per talk)
  • 11am-1pm: Critique and Feedback Session 1 (Shared note taking Etherpad) (5x 20 minutes max + 5 minute buffer)
  • 1pm-2:30pm: Lunch (Delivery from Xian Noodle)
  • 2:30-4:30pm: Critique and feedback session 2 (5x 20 minutes max + 5 minute buffer)
  • 5:45pm: Dinner at Kaname Izakaya
  • 8pm: Seattle Underworld Tour

Saturday, March 30

  • 8:30am: Arrive + Breakfast (bagels or similar) @ Community Data Science Lab (CMU306)
  • 9am-12:00pm: Unconference!
  • 12:00-1pm: Order-in lunch from Saigon Deli @ Community Data Science Lab
  • 1pm:-3pm: Unconference!
  • 3pm-onward: Co-working session


Who's Hosting Who?

Guest Tentative Host Notes
Emilia Have a study with 1 bed in Bellevue
Jeremy My brother-in-law in Kirkland

Description of hosting options here

Example Person: Can host two people, one on futon, one on a comfy couch. Both in my living room.

Nate: Can host 1 person on a couch (2 if really needed -- air mattress). I won't be in Seattle before the 28th.

Dietary Restrictions

[No need to add yourself here if you are unrestricted.]
Name Dietary notes
Sneha Pescetarian
Aaron mostly pesc/veg; allergy to sesame, most nuts (almonds and peanuts are fine).
Mako Vegetarian
Charlie Ovo-lacto vegetarian
Emilia Pescetarian
Jim Vegetarian
Kaylea don't eat fish (sushi and shellfish ok); don't eat eggs (chocolate cake ok)
Abel Flexitarian. Prefer vegetarian meal if there's available.
Jeremy Teetotaler

Ideas of fun things to do

Where to eat

Travel Plans

If you are traveling in from outside, add your name and arrival details here (days, times and flights if you have them):

  • Jeremy
    • 🛬 March 28 - Arriving 2:27pm (AA 1213 ORD→SEA)
    • 🛫 March 31 - Departing 6:00pm (AS 26 SEA→ORD)
    • Status: Purchased
    • Notes:
  • Abel Serrano
    • 🛬 March 26 - Arriving: 6:45pm (FLIGHT MADRID (SPAIN)→SEATTLE)
    • 🛫 April 1 - Departing: 12:15 pm and Arriving: 6:25 pm (FLIGHT SEATTLE→CHICAGO)
    • 🛫 April 3 - Departing: 3:50pm (FLIGHT CHICAGO→MADRID (SPAIN))
    • Status: Purchased both national and international tickets.
    • Notes: About lodging, I booked a hotel in Seattle from 26 to April 1, but can be cancelled very easily. I haven't got any housing for Chicago yet.
  • Sayamindu
    • 🛬 March 28 - Arriving 8:30 PM (AS 753 RDU ✈ SEA )
    • 🛫 March 30 - Departing 1:50 PM (AS 2 SEA ✈ DCA)
  • Jim
    • 🛬 March 28 - Arriving 10:00 PM (Southwest 2138 MWD ✈ SEA )
    • 🛫 April 1 - Departing 3:05 PM (Southwest 1624 SEA ✈ MDW)
  • Mako!
    • 🛬 March 28 - Arriving 8:45am (AS 321 SJC→SEA)
    • 🛫 March 30 - Departing 8:45pm (AS 362 SEA→SJC)
    • Status: Purchased

Seattle To-do

Lab duties

  • Vacuum floors
  • Clean refrigerator
  • Clean coffee maker
  • Find coffee urn
  • Stock up on coffee

Meal planning

  • Plan breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks
  • Make reservations / catering orders for any restaurants

Activity planning

  • Outline work-related events (feedback sessions, unconference, etc.)
  • Decide on non-work events (escape room, karaoke, etc.)
  • Call underground tour (NATE)

Previous Meetups

We meet roughly twice a year and you can see what we've done in the past at: