Windows interactive Python

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  1. Open a command prompt:
    • On Windows 10 and 8, click the Start menu (or hit the windows key), type Anaconda PowerShell (which will open the Search field) and hit enter.
    • On Windows Vista or Windows 7: click on the Start menu (the Windows logo in the lower left of the screen), type Anaconda PowerShell into the Search field directly above the Start menu button, and click on "Anaconda Powershell" in the search results above the Search field.
  2. To start Python, type
    at the command prompt and hit enter. You should see something like
    Python 3.6.2 (r271:86832, ...) on win32
    Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

    The >>> indicates that you are at a Python prompt.

  3. Exit the Python prompt by typing
    and hitting enter. Now you're back at the Windows command prompt (C:\).


Practice these steps until you feel comfortable navigating to a command prompt, starting Python, and exiting Python.