TikTok (CDSW)

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This is a tutorial in progress!

This tutorial was inspired by the writeup at Towards Data Science -- but please note that the code on that site is out of date, and docs for TikTokApi are at the github for TikTokApi. Also please note that the only items you can fetch with the API are what's available without a login.

  • Install a python library that will help you put your API calls together:
 pip3 install TikTokApi
  • Install a browser library to help make your queries look like a web browser as TikTok expects:
 playwright install
  • Check out the demo file we created
  • Set up your own project using the demo as a model.

Answer some basic questions:

  • How many followers

If you are venturing further into a project using the tiktok api, you might find it useful to set up a developer account. This is a quick round trip with a pin via your e-mail.