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I'm copying information from the temporary Research interests page which is now out of date. —mako 21:13, 21 May 2022 (CEST)

Please write a few sentences about your research interests. Feel free to include cool papers or projects, keywords, and methods you like. For current members of the CDSC: please include your home institution, program, and advisor name.


Hi hi, my name is Floor Fiers. I'm a third-year PhD student in Media, Tech, and Society at Northwestern Uni, advised by Aaron Shaw. Broadly speaking, I am interested in digital inequality (incl. participation patterns as well as discrimination/bias) in online labor spaces/the gig economy. I (hope to) use survey and field experiment methods (although, I have a secret love for critical/qualitative research). Current projects include a systematic literature review on inequality in the gig economy, a survey study on participation patterns in online piecework during the first months of COVID, and a field experimental study (design stage) looking at the role of educational degrees in labor outcomes. Furthermore, I'm starting some exploratory thinking/research into the role of libraries and other community-based programming in democratizing digital skills. Excited to meet everyone!


I am an Assistant Professor at Purdue University. I am interested in how people decide which communities to participate in, and then how those communities influence their members. Current projects include how different communication networks encourage/discourage participation, how different communities frame COVID risks, how people move to more radical political beliefs online, and how agent-based modeling can help us to think through the implications of misinformation interventions.

Sohyeon Hwang

I'm Sohyeon Hwang, a third year PhD student in the MTS program at Northwestern, advised by Aaron Shaw. My research focuses on questions of self-governance/organization, scale, and heterogeneity (e.g. polycentric visions of institutions, pluralism, etc.); I use a mix of interview studies and computational methods. Generally, I am interested in local, community-specific practices and how that gives rise to variable practices + what the implications of that variation are at scale (e.g. for autonomy, accountability, etc). A recent paper I did and have pretty frequently talked about since is "Why do people participate in small communities" with Dr. Jeremy Foote, published in the proceedings of CSCW2021; this project was really motivated in thinking about the value of smallness in the face of our compulsion for growth (which is tied to a compulsion for profit, in the case of many platforms). I currently have a couple of other things in the publication pipeline that I'm happy to talk about; more info is on my [site]. I spend a lot of time with my dog Tubby. Follow her on insta ;) @tubachubflub


Hi everybody! I’m Semra Gulce Turan Gunindi. I hope to work with Dr Benjamin Mako Hill at the UW HCDE PhD program starting this fall. I’m interested in studying, designing and testing collective decision-making tools for online communities that co-create value and distribute proceeds. I’m passionate about creating new sources of income for the global society. As you probably know better than me, my research agenda will probably change and evolve as I move forward in my studies, but I guess we could say that I’m interested in self-governance. You could find some more general info about me [here]. Looking forward to meeting you!