Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021)/Problem set 13

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OpenIntro Questions[edit]

Answers to the latter and provided in the supplement but I would like to go over these in class.

Empirical paper questions[edit]

We'll continue our apparent focus on blogs with several questions about the following (very short) paper.

Sweetser, K. D., & Metzgar, E. (2007). Communicating during crisis: Use of blogs as a relationship management tool. Public Relations Review, 33(3), 340–342. [Available through UW Libraries]

EQ1. Interpret the results re: RQ4[edit]

(a) What is the unit of analysis? What is the dependent variable? The independent variable? What are the levels or groups of being compared in the ANOVA?
(b) Clearly State the null hypothesis being tested. What is the alternative hypothesis?
(c) Summarize or restate the results in statistical terms. Explain what these results mean in substantive terms.
(d) How convincing do you find these results? What should we be taking away?

EQ2. Interpret the results re: RQ5[edit]

Answer the same (a)-(d) questions as you did for RQ4 above, but with RQ5.

EQ3. Interpret the results re: RQ6[edit]

Answer the same (a)-(d) questions as you did for RQs 4-5 above, but with RQ6.