Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021)/Day 4 session plan

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  • Reminders:
    • Research Project Plan + Dataset Identification (due next Friday 10/9)
    • If you're having trouble getting started, check out the many suggested resources in the Wiki
    • Feel free to use OH / Discord to chat with the teaching team about these
  • Managing R and RStudio
    • Lost in space: workspaces, environments, working directories, projects, notebooks, scripts, and consoles oh my!
    • Rmarkdown, code chunks, and knitting
  • Code, functions, concepts
    • Data import tips
    • Writing "clean" and "elegant" code
    • Vectorized functions (yes, these are confusing)
    • Selection/subsets/masks
  • Statistical Questions
    • When are mean/sd appropriate? How to know?
    • Interpreting summary stats of a transformed variable
  • Session feedback!