Statistics and Statistical Programming (Spring 2019)/Session plan: Week 5

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  • Week 5 preamble
Hypothesis testing fundamentals part 2.
First set of statistical tests.
Confidence intervals
A very short paper with many hypothesis tests!
  • Programming challenges
As with last week, I'll distribute solution code first. Then we'll spend time collecting questions, concerns, and interesting solutions.
  • Statistical questions
Individuals/teams white-board specific questions.
Others discuss answers and suggest topics for further discussion.
  • Empirical paper questions
Discuss answers in small groups first, then selected groups asked to share.
  • Week 6 preamble
Applying, interpreting, visualizing ANOVA and t-tests in R.
Hypothesis tests for categorical data.
Empirical papers: LilyPad Arduino and political blogs (reprise).
More Reinhart.