Statistics and Statistical Programming (Spring 2019)/Session plan: Week 1

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  • Note Cards!
    • Preferred name
    • Anything else you want me to know (e.g., preferred pronouns)
  • Quick introductions: please tell us about...
    • Your progress in your degree program
    • Your research interests (in a couple sentences)
    • Dataset you will be working with (or searching for)
    • Your prior experience with statistics and/or programming
  • Go over syllabus
    • Note: programming challenges (should) address previous week's statistical material and weekly R "lecture"
  • Week 1 Problem Set and R lecture materials
    • Note/correction about the R lecture (Rmd → HTML vs. PDF)
    • Discuss Statistics questions
    • Discuss Empirical paper questions
    • Discuss/complete Programming challenges
  • [If time allows] Discuss/start programming challenges for next week