Statistics and Statistical Programming (Fall 2020)/w04 session plan

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Tuesday 10/6[edit]

  • Programming challenges
    • Ongoing rmd/pdf issues. Nick has a suggestion (below)
      • Try comparing your Rmd and PDF side-by-side; Imagine someone who didn't read the problem set had access to only one of the two (useful if you want to make public Rmd files or other notebook files for research projects in the future!)
    • Functions: walk through the example "my.median" function?
    • So many ways to `apply` and group. What to pick? (via Chee)
    • Plots
  • Statistical questions
    • What's going on with the bad weather / Jan-Mar relationship (via Annika)
    • More birthdays (via Gus)
  • Empirical paper questions (discuss responses)
  • Notes ahead of Thursday session + project plan and dataset identification assignment
    • Reading is pretty short. Expands on some ideas about random variables, introduces some distributions.
    • Still a few slots open in my OH on thursday in case anyone wants to meet about projects, dms open
    • pset and rtutorial for next week posted. should be awesome.