Statistics and Statistical Programming (Fall 2020)/w02 session plan

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9/22 Agenda[edit]

  • Discuss session feedback plan (a quick Google Form)
  • Discuss Pre-course assessment
  • R
    • R and RStudio
    • Pset0 Discussion
    • Any additional R or Pset0 questions?
  • Chapter 1 content and exercises
    • Questions from Discord
    • Other questions (or brand-new question?)

9/24 Agenda[edit]

  • (re-)Discuss Pre-course assessment
  • OpenIntro Chapter 2 content and exercises
  • Notes and questions re: next week
    • Problem set #1: Basics of working with data.
    • Probability (the subject of Chapter 3) necessarily gets a bit more "mathy." I think this is a good thing and encourage you to work through it (without losing hope if you find it hard since you can "do" applied statistics without being particularly good at solving probability homework problems).
    • If you like visual explanation and/or interactive demonstrations, the "Seeing Theory" website/book I link to in the "Resources" section for next week may be for you.