Sociotechnocanonicon/2018 Schedule

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This schedule describes the summer 2018 reading plan for the Sociotechnocanonicon.

Wealth of Networks[edit]

Benkler wealth of networks cover.jpg

Wealth of Networks, Yochai Benkler [Downloadable PDF of the book are available per-chapter and as a single file.]

Governing the Commons[edit]

Ostrom governing the commons cover.jpg

Governing The Commons, Elinor Ostrom

  • 8/6/18 Week 1: Preface; Chapters 1-3 (pg. xiii-102)
  • 8/13/18 Week 2: Chapter 4-6 (pg. 103-2016)
  • [Maybe?] 8/20/18 Closing Week: Full work retrospective & follow-ups, Counterpoint? (Any suggestions?)

Find Mako on IRC if you are looking for a copy of the book.