Quantitative Methods for Communication (Spring 2023)/Discord Signup

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We will be using Discord for some aspects of our class. Barring another pandemic, it will only be a peripheral part of the class. We will mostly use it as a place to have asynchronous discussions (e.g., confusions about lectures, questions about homework, etc.)

Signing up for Discord is pretty straightforward. You will need to go to https://discord.com/ and create an account. I suggest downloading the app but you can also use the browser-based version.

Once you have an account, open Discord and click the "plus" icon to add a server, and the "Join a Server" and enter the following URL: https://discord.gg/D2xh49NuFW

This should bring you to our server. There's one more thing you need to do in order to get access to the class.

Click the Chart icon and you should then see the COM 304 category on the left side.