Python in Jupyter

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We are going to practice writing and running Python programs (often called "scripts").

Download a Jupyter Notebook[edit]

Save the file CDSW_Jupyter_test_notebook.ipynb from the following link to your desktop: CDSW Jupter test notebook (To save, (on Windows) right click the link and choose "save link as..." On a Mac, Option + click will do the same). If you're using a new Mac, it may change the name of your file from ending in .ipynb to ending in .txt. This will not work: use command-i (get info) and then click on the type section. Remove the .txt at the end of the file name and hit tab -- when your Mac asks you if you want to do this, say yes. Save it as a .ipynb file (rename it if you forget). Make sure you save it on the CDSW folder you've created on your desktop. (Or drag it into that folder).

Open the Notebook in Jupyter Web Browser[edit]

Start Jupyter as you were instructed to in a previous step. In the Jupyter tab in your browser, navigate to your desktop in the list of folders and click on CDSW_Jupyter_test_notebook.ipynb.

Test the notebook[edit]

Following the instructions in the notebook, run the cell (by clicking the "run" button in the tool bar or press "ENTER + SHIFT") that says:

 print("hello world")

You should see "hello world" output right below. If that works you have a working setup for Python and Jupyter. If that doesn't work, you should ask for assistance!

Feel free to play around in the notebook. Try it out and explore!

P.S. Feel free to try out Python commands in this notebook. It's for you to play with!

Success! You have a working Python and Jupyter setup![edit]