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Meeting Notes, 2/26/2020 (Attendees: Mako, Aaron, Jim, Kaylea)

    1 - Aaron, Jim, Kaylea described work so far with respect to Zooniverse; we will need an IRB
    2 - Zooniverse Data Details:
      . Panoptes and Ouroboros (platform versions)
      . Science teams individually hold quality metrics
      . Zooniverse knows who made a classification when/where, but may not hold what it was
      . Discussion data -- some is project-related, some is object-related: two different forums
    3 - Feasibility study is key: are there Tor edits in this data?
==> 4 - Jim will assess availability of IP addresses and move data to mox.

Meeting Agenda (proposed): Wednesday, 2/26/2020, 10:30 pacific.

1 - Background (any questions? all on the same page?)  Anonymity Project Website
2 - Current state: Jim has some data, Kaylea/Mako/others? want some data, Zooniverse has maybe even more data
3 - Concerns: 
   . Data agreement? IRB?
   . Where should the data live?
   . How can we capture Jim's insight into wrangling this data?
4 - Known next actions:
   . Transition of contacts from Andrea to Mako
   . Planning of joint meeting with Zooniverse to discuss (we will likely need to give them a brief overview of our work + we can send them papers)