Practice of scholarship (Spring 2019)/week 4 session plan

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Becker and the uses/misuses of prior work

  • Becker book chapter discussion
What fears motivate being terrorized by The Literature? How reasonable/salient are they for you?
What are (in)effective uses of prior literature according to Becker?
Explain the extended table metaphor.
How can prior literature deform an argument?
Becker talks about incommensurability towards the end of the chapter. What is it? Why does it matter?
  • Becker marijuana paper discussion
Where and how does Becker situate this study in relation to prior work?
What shortcomings of this paper does Becker identify/regret in the book chapter?

Contemporary example

  • Shaw & Hargittai paper discussion
How would you characterize the genre (along the lines of Zuckerman's collection) of this paper?
What are the key prior areas of work that this paper deals with?
How does the paper use prior work to motivate/justify its own approach?
How convincing do you find the use of prior work to be here?
  • How to relate these examples/ideas to your own work?

Mid-quarter evaluation discussion

Aaron will summarize the feedback/findings and we will discuss briefly

Peer feedback discussion

  • Two tropes of prior work feedback
Prior studies leading the narrative
Lack of focus/precision
  • Discuss in pairs/threes!

Prep for week 5

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