Practice of scholarship (Spring 2019)/week 3 session plan

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  • Disucss Zuckerman, "On genre"
According to Zuckerman, what is a genre in the context of a paper? Why does it matter?
What themes can you identify in the genres he describes? Common pitfalls/challenges?
What is a pseudo-genre?
Are these rhetorical or substantive aspects of a research paper?
  • Pan and Chen paper
Work in small groups to extract, summarize, and/or classify this paper (optionally in Zuckerman's scheme).
  • Activity with Durkheim's Suicide
  • Pairwise discussion of submissions, feedback, and next steps
General feedback re: puzzles, framings, and assignments
  • Reflection exercise
  • Announcements/Prep for Week 4
Mid-quarter eval
Judy Wajcman lunch Wednesday 4/22