PhD Q&A - 2021

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  • Introductions to CDSC
  • Q&A with Faculty
  • Breakout rooms with current and former students

CDSC Attendees[edit]

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  • Sayamindu Dasgupta - UNC Chapel Hill / University of Washington (probable!)
  • Jeremy Foote - Purdue University
  • Benjamin Mako Hill - University of Washington
  • Sneha Narayan - Carleton College
  • Aaron Shaw - Northwestern University


  • Kaylea Champion - University of Washington. Interests: collaboration, infrastructure, anonymity, connecting research and practice
  • Regina Cheng - University of Washington (HCDE). Interests: interest-driven learning in online communities, creativity support, data science learning & collaboration
  • Carl Colglazier - Northwestern (Technology and Social Behavior). Interests: computational social science, decentralized (sometimes community-led) online governance, small tech.
  • Floor Fiers - Northwestern (Media, Technology, and Society): Interests: digital inequality/discrimination, skills, online labor market
  • Sohyeon Hwang - Northwestern (Media, Technology, and Society). Interests: online governance, heterogeneity, scale
  • Nathan TeBlunthuis - Northwestern (Postdoc). interests: computational social science, online communties, peer production, social movements, inter-organizational relationships.
  • Nick Vincent - Northwestern. Interests: human-centered machine learning, connections between various online communities and other systems

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