Norm collection for submitters

From CommunityData

The following are proposed norms for people submitting to Critique and Feedback Sessions.

  • If this is your first submission, Ignore All Rules. Your first submission gives us a chance to get to know you better. The collective is experienced in responding to work in a wide range of states: we'll find useful responses to anything you send.
  • If this is not your first submission, please consider the following operative norms:
    1. What type of work should you send, and at what stage?
      • Research proposals or outlines are encouraged.
      • Early-stage projects benefit from the broad range of expertise we represent; submitting them to C+F can help you with your thinking about what direction to take.
      • Late-stage projects that are already as good as you can make them may benefit from the "blind spot" detection that a diverse audience offers -- but if you won't be making many changes regardless of what reviewers find because you're close to a deadline, be clear about this.
    2. What size work is considered reasonable? Please consider a maximum of about 5000 words; if your work is longer, offer a guide to reading just the parts you think would most benefit from broad collective feedback.
    3. In what format do you think feedback will be most useful? If it's early stage work, is verbal feedback perhaps the most useful form? If it's late stage work, how about a link to overleaf?
    4. Let your needs show: include questions for your readers that you think will help you. If you're struggling to narrow in on your real research question, offer multiple options and ask for thoughts. If you're feeling weakness in your background, ask for help finding the right readings or theoretical frame.
    5. Plan to be as quiet as you can -- don't use up the first part of your slot to introduce, summarize, justify, or explain your work -- respond to questions as needed and be brief: try to privilege the respondents.
    6. The basic rule: C+F is your chance to tap a shared pool of reviewer resources. Be judicious in your consumption of this CPR.