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Welcome! We are always looking for people who want to join the collective and contribute to our research agenda. There are many forms this can take, ranging from just hanging out in our IRC channel, to meeting with us during office hours or elsewhere, to joining a research project as a research assistant, to enrolling as a student in one of the Ph.D. programs with which we are affiliated. We describe some of these below. If none of this makes sense or seems like a good fit for you, feel free to email Aaron or Mako or anyone else in the group with your questions. We are committed to building an inclusive, diverse research community and we want to help you get involved in the collective in a constructive way if we possibly can.

Take a look at the people page to get an idea of who is already part of the group and what we're working on. If you're interested in learning more about our previous research, check out our websites or search something like Google Scholar to find papers that you can download and read.

Prospective students[edit]

We have advised and worked with students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

  • Useful (but definitely not necessary) skills and experiences
    • Empirical social science research (any methods)
    • Data science and/or computational social science
    • Software engineering
    • Human-centered design and/or user experience design

Collective IRC channel[edit]

Office hours[edit]

During the academic year (roughly September-June), Aaron and Mako both have regular office hours at Northwestern and the University of Washington respectively. Email either of us to learn when these hours happen and to see about scheduling a meeting.