Introduction to Graduate Research (Fall 2021)/Resources

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Week 2 (Puzzles)[edit]

  • Thomas Kuhn. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Classic in the philosophy/sociology of science. Came up in reference to the ideas of "normal science" and "paradigm shifts," but also provides a concept of scientific puzzles that might give some useful ways to contextualize Abbott's and Buchholz's comments on the subject. Speaking of Abbott
  • Andrew Abbott (presumably?) published many pseudonymous book reviews the American Journal of Sociology under the name of "Barbara Celarent", a fictional(?) persona from the University of Atlantis writing in the 2040s/2050s (!)
  • Larissa Buchholz recommended the following book: Robert Peters. Getting what you came for: The smart student's guide to earning a master's or Ph.D (Goodreads reviews/summary).

Week 5 (Time Diary)[edit]

  • Connie's point about the tension/overlap between leisure and work reminded me of this article by Patrick Jagoda , my advisor at UChicago: all about how "games" (or the logical structure of games — competition, point-earning, etc) has taken over the most banal aspects of our everyday life: in other words, how everything we do — exercise, meditating, saving money, et al. — become a quantified exercise in performance. - NJ