Intro to Programming and Data Science (Fall 2023)/Week 9 Coding Challenges

From CommunityData

In our earlier assignment, we played around with the Reddit API and you learned how to query APIs. In the project, we're going to try to move from this technical understanding to actually using APIs to answer real questions.

Do the following, in a Jupyter notebook:

The Question

Identify a question that Reddit data (or data gathered from another API) could help you to answer. Figure out a query that would gather that data.

  • Explain the question you would like to answer, and why it is interesting.
  • Describe the data that you would like to gather, the analysis on the data that you would like to perform, and why it would answer the question

Gathering Data

  • Save the raw data that you get from PRAW
  • Write code that filters the data into what you are interested in and saves it as a CSV file.


  • Come up with a visualization and/or statistical test that would help to answer your question.
  • Create that visualization or run that statistical test.