Intro to Programming and Data Science (Fall 2023)/Element Signup

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So, I am sorry for introducing yet another messaging app into your lives, but I've decided to use Element / Matrix for our class discussions.

One reason is that I try to support open source software whenever possible. One strand of my research looks at how people are able to coordinate and cooperate to produce digital information goods, and I am still just amazed at how well open-source approaches work.

Element is a set of interfaces to the Matrix messaging protocol. Basically, just like you can email others even if they aren't also at, Matrix is a protocol for passing real-time messages. This means that people don't have to use Element, but I think it's the most mature option.

Signing up[edit]

You aren't here for my long-winded ramblings about open source software. What you really want is to know how to sign up!

So, to sign up for our class, go to! This will bring you to the sign up page for our Intro to Programming and Data Science "space", which is a collection of chatrooms.

It will tell you to "Choose an app to continue". I highly suggest that you choose Element, which should be the first option.

Once you click "Continue", it should give you the option to download element or continue in your browser. I would suggest downloading the client (as well as downloading the app on your phone), but you do you.

You will need to Sign Up for an account, at which point you should be able to see the different rooms in our "space".