Interpersonal Media (Winter 2020)/Wiki Task 3

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Wikipedia Task #3[edit]

Compile research and write draft
Due Date
Friday January 24
Make contributions in Wikipedia and the the class WikiEdu dashboard
  • Complete online trainings for week 3
  • Compile a bibliography of relevant research.
  • Write a 2-3 paragraph summary version of your article—with citations—in your Wikipedia sandbox.
  • Add the URL For your sandboxed article to yourself on the course WikiEdu page by clicking the assign article button next to your name and assigning the URL for your sandbox to yourself.

Detailed Explanation[edit]

  1. Decide on an article to work on if you haven't yet. Remember, we highly recommend that this article be of the "stub class". The expectation is that you raise the article's quality by two classes (e.g. stub to C, start to B).
  2. Let us know which article you have selected:
    1. goto the WikiEdu course homepage
    2. find the section entitled "My Articles"
    3. click on "Assign myself an article"
    4. enter the article title as shown in Wikipedia and click Assign
  3. Once you have selected an article to work on, the "My Articles" section will show you a number of steps and links. The two links to focus on right now are the bibliography and article sandbox.
  4. Add the sources that you've found to the bibliography page which will be created when you click on the link. As a reminder, while academic sources are the "gold standard", match your citations with the content. If your article is about a movie star, you will likely be citing interviews that were published in magazines or on the radio. Try to vary the types of sources and select the more notable ones. Additionally, if you are having difficulty finding sources, reach out to a reference librarian (, they are a great resource!
  5. Create a clone of the current page in your sandbox:
    1. open the article sandbox and the article itself in two separate tabs
    2. in the article tab click "Edit"
    3. change to "Source editing" mode by clicking the pencil icon in the top right
    4. select all of the wikimarkup (Article content code) and copy it
    5. in the article sandbox tab click "Create"
    6. paste the cloned content
    7. click "Publish page"
  6. Begin editing, drafting, and generally improving the article sandbox page!

The WikiEdu team put together a fairly short guide to Editing Wikipedia. I think it is extremely helpful and would recommend taking a look if you haven't yet: