Interpersonal Media (Winter 2020)/Wiki Task 2

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Wikipedia Task #2[edit]

Complete Wikipedia orientation and choose article topic
Due Date
Friday January 17
Make contributions in Wikipedia and the the class WikiEdu dashboard
  • Complete the online training topics for week 2.
  • To practice editing and communicating on Wikipedia, introduce yourself to Salt and at least one classmate on Wikipedia (it can be anybody). Salt's username is Altsalt and you can find a list of all of your classmates on the WikiEdu class page.
  • Decide on an article in Wikipedia that you would like to significantly expand and improve. Please choose an article that is as short and simple as possible and we stronglly recommend that you choose a "stub" article on Wikipedia. Because some people are going to start with articles that are better than others, we're going to assess you on the amount to which you can improve the article—not on the final state of the article.

You can find a list of Stub articles arranged by topic here (there are literally millions):

  • List of Stubs — This is an extremely long list of articles that are currently stubs and which is also sorted into categories and then subcategories. It might be a little bit out of date so be sure to click through before you decide on an article.

If there is a topic you know you are interested in writing about that doesn't have an article, that is also possible but will be more difficult so we're recommending against that relatively strongly. If you're committed to doing that in any case, there are a few resources you might find helpful:

  • Requested Articles — This is a list of articles that others have asked to be created. It is sorted into categories and sub-categories. When you're looking at the list, remember that it's possible that somebody else has "gotten" to them first and forgot to remove it. Remember that a red link indicates that there is no page with that name.

Extended Explanation[edit]

There were two pages that WikiEdu asks you to create and fill out, "Choose an Article" and "Evaluate an Article". Additionally, you are asked to "introduce yourself to Salt and at least one classmate on Wikipedia".

To view all of your Wikipedia pages, visit this link: (replace YOURUSERNAME with your Wikipedia username)

To send an introduction, visit my talk page here:

"Choose an Article" should include 3-5 "stub class" articles, "requested articles", or otherwise not previously created articles. The last two are recommended against as they will take quite a bit more of your time/resources. If unsure, select from a list of "stub class" articles found here:

Each of the three to five articles should have the page title, a handful of sources that you might use when adding to the page, and an evaluation that consists of 1-2 paragraphs about the pros/cons of the current page. Using the "Evaluate an Article" questions is a good place to start, but you do NOT need to answer every question or format it as a list of answers. These entries should be a helpful reference for when you start drafting your additions.

The "Evaluate an Article" page only needs to be filled out for ONE article. This article does NOT need to be one of the stubs that you selected above. Instead, we recommend finding a "C class" article or even using the "Random article" link located on the left-hand sidebar. Using a more-developed, but not "Feature class" article will give you plenty of content to evaluate and further explain how we will be grading your article.

To generate the base template for "Choose an Article" and "Evaluate an Article" you can click on the links on pages two or three of the relevant trainings in WikiEdu or follow the links below:

Please verify that you have logged in by looking for your Username on the page after loading the template. If it is not there, log in, then click the link again.

Regarding the "introduction" on Wikipedia assignment, visit my talk page and click the "New section" link in the top right. Remember to include your "signature" in the message body by adding four tildes (Salt (talk) 03:38, 30 January 2020 (EST)).

Again, please verify that you have logged in by looking for your Username in the list of links in the top right.