Interpersonal Media (Winter 2020)/Wiki Task 1

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Wikipedia Task #1[edit]

Create an account and start orientation
Friday January 10
Make contributions in Wikipedia and the the class WikiEdu dashboard
  • Complete the WikiEdu training and assignments for week 1.
  • During this training, you will create an account, make edits in a sandbox, and learn the basic rules of the Wikipedia community.
  • Once you have created an account, you must enroll in the course so that your account on Wikipedia is associated with the course and so that I can track your activity on Wikipedia. Click this link to enroll in the course. If you are asked for a passcode, you can enter ratxwlye.


The biggest pitfall is failing to enroll in the course. Make sure that you have created an account on and are logged in. Then follow this link and click "Join".

Once you are enrolled in the course, you should begin the training modules and complete the first two, "Wikipedia policies" and "Sandboxes, talk pages, and watchlists".