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On March 9th and 11th we will be hosting two virtual "poster" sessions. Please read the information below carefully.

General Information[edit]

A number of things are unchanged. Most importantly, our expectations are the same as they were on the first day of the quarter in terms of poster/presentation content. We're expecting that the posters will be presentation of of your final project for the class. Details about the expectations for final projects are on the relevant section of the syllabus.

Second, presentation assignment days are unchanged from what we announced previously and posted onto Canvas. Folks who were presenting on Monday are still on Monday. Folks on Wednesday are still on Wednesday. Folks are still expected to participate and attend if they are not presenting

Some things are different. Most importantly, the sessions will be held entirely online in Canvas. We will be holding these asynchronously in a Canvas group discussion forum we have created for the purpose. As a result of the asynchronous nature we've extended the period of time that folks can participation in the sessions from the sessions to 4:30-11:59pm but we do expect everybody to spend about 90 minutes participating on they day are not presenting.


The basic structure is going to be as follows:

  • Everybody in the class has been sorted into a Canvas group discussion into one of 9 groups with 9 of your classmates. Each group contains a random selection of 5 people presenting on Monday and 5 people presenting on Wednesday.
  • Presenters will all upload videos on or before 4:30pm on they day they are presenting.
  • At some point after 4:30pm on the day they not presenting all non-presenters will watch the 5 videos uploaded by their groupmates who are assigned to present that day and will give them each feedback that aims to help them revise their work for their final projects.
  • Salt and I will also watch all the videos and look over the uploaded PDF or image material and give presenters detailed detailed feedback.

Plan: Presenters[edit]

All students must do two things do two things before 4:30pm on the day they are presenting. You are welcome to do these at any point in advance:

  1. They must upload their "poster" material in PDF, PNG, or JPG to "Poster Presentation" dropbox in Canvas. We expect most people will be just be uploaded and exported slide deck from PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.
  2. They must upload their video of their 2-3 minute long "pitch" in a message in the Final Presentation Peer Feedback group discussion group on Canvas within their assigned group. You all can do this by posting a new message and clicking the "Record/Upload Media" button above the text box and then clicking the "Upload Media" post on the follow-up tab.

Because there are there two different groups presenting, there is no listed due date on the Canvas assignment. Your due date is 4:30pm on the day you are assigned to present. We cannot give any credit for late assignments.

Plan: Non-Presenters[edit]

All students must do the following thing on the day they are not presenting:

  1. At some point after 4:30pm. watch each short video pitch for the 5 people in the your assigned group that are presenting that day.
  2. After watching each the video, spend a minimum of 5 minutes writing a reply to each of the day's presenters' messages in Canvas giving them feedback on their poster and pitch. Saying you liked the pitch is fine but focus on giving substantive, critical feedback that will help each person make concrete changes and improvements to the work in the presentation to produce a better final project. Feel free to ask questions about things you were unclear about. Feel free to give concrete suggestions for course material that might be useful or connections that might be helpful. We expect everybody to spend between 5 and 10 minutes given feedback to each of the day's five presenters in their group.

Each person will give feedback to 5 others. We expect that this assignment will take a maximum of 75 minutes (<5m to watch each videos; <10m for each piece of feedback). This is less that period of time you would all spend in class.

All feedback is due 11:59pm on the day you are not presenting. Feedback will be graded as part of participation and we've weighted it so that it's equivalent to preparation for two case sessions. We cannot give any credit for late assignments.

Video Pitches[edit]

We are asking you all to prepare and share video version of your "pitches" (i.e., the short overview of your poster you were planning to give to Salt, myself, and your classmates when they came by your poster).

In terms of the video: we are not expecting anything fancy. We understand that you all have between 3 and 5 days to plan and produce this and we are going to assess you entirely on the content of your poster and pitch which is what you have already been preparing. We will not assess you on the production quality of your video. The pitches should be 2-3 minutes long and not more than 4 minutes in length.

We're quite open into the nature of the video but here are some ideas:

Frequently Asks Questions[edit]

What should go on my poster?
Details are on the on the relevant section of the syllabus.