Facilitator Tips

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Steps for Facilitators -- virtual C + F[edit]

1. [1-2 months before] Think about whether you might modify the format and narrow down dates. Read through norms pages and wiki docs to make sure you're satisfied with the program.

2. [3-4 weeks in advance] Poll the group to set a date and time. Make sure announcements go to the mailing list since not everyone is on IRC and not everyone on IRC has backscroll.

3. [2-3 weeks in advance] Send out the call for submissions and work on setting the final schedule for the day.

4. [2 weeks in advance] Announce the schedule.

5. [1 week in advance] On submission due date, remind anyone who hasn't sent out work.

6. [2 days before C + F] Send out links and reminders

7. Day of the C + F, your tasks will be:

  • Post links to norms and etherpad
  • Get at least two volunteers who are not presenting work to be note-taking minders, one for each half; the notes minder helps make sure that notes are happening and captures whatever isn't getting captured. Note-taking can be tiring and it can be hard to both give feedback and watch the notes.
  • Make sure turn taking is happening and nudge the group to follow the process if needed
  • Keep an eye on the clock: set an alarm and give a 5-minute warning prior to end of the time block

Session format example:

Opening words 2 minutes
1st submission 25 minutes
2st submission 25 minutes
Break 10 minutes
3rd submission 25 minutes
4th submission 25 minutes
Break 10 minutes
5th submission 25 minutes
6th submission 25 minutes
Closing words 2 minutes