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Welcome to the interactive session/workshop/anti-panel: “Let’s Get Real: Putting Research Findings Into Practice.”

Many researchers focus on FOSS but much of this work has little impact in the communities that could benefit the most from it. How can you, as FOSS community members and leaders, get the most out of research? How can you find relevant research or researchers, assess research quality, or figure out what to do with research results once you find them?


We have an hour. Let's have an excellent conversation! We'll quickly survey your interests and affiliations in case we need to adjust our approach. Preliminarily, the structure of the session will be as follows:

  • 3 topic-dedicated conversation clusters
  • Participants: Join the cluster that interests you most! After 10 minutes, you'll get an invitation to switch. Either switch....or don't!
  • Conveners are invited to edit the wiki pages as the discussions evolve!
  • After 3 rotations, we'll take a pause for reflection and report-outs.


Where to find relevant research

  • Community members -- how do you learn about research/scientific findings? How would you like to learn about them?
  • Researchers -- what do you recommend?

Making sense of community research

  • Community members -- what's your experience with trying to understand research and put it into practice?
  • Researchers -- what do you recommend?

Making contact with researchers and building partnerships

  • Community members -- what's your experience with building partnerships or interacting with potential collaborators?
  • Researchers -- what's your experience?