Data Into Insights (Spring 2021)/Final project

From CommunityData

The final project in this class will be a full data storytelling presentation. The goal is to showcase the skills that you have learned to create exactly the kind of presentation that you may be asked to work on in your careers. I hope that you create something that you can show to potential employers, graduate admissions committees, or love interests.

Steps to create a successful project[edit]

You will take the dataset(s) that you identified, do some exploratory analyses, and identify a possible insight from the data. You will also identify a stakeholder who would be interested in that insight.

Next, you will use counterfactual thinking to identify other possible explanations and pursue further data gathering and/or analyses to explore these possibilities.

Then, you will craft a data story intended to persuade the stakeholder that you identified about what you have found, using the tools of data storytelling that we have learned, including narrative and visualizations.

Final Output[edit]

There are two deliverables for this data story:

  1. An R Markdown presentation with ~3,000 words of text, knitted into a web page
  2. An ~8 minute recorded slide presentation. This can also use R Markdown if you want, or you can use something like Google Slides, Power Point, etc.