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Do Your Research (DYR) is a weekly workshop at UW hosted by the Community Data Science Collective that provides feedback on in-progress empirical research projects studying online communities and social media.

Each week, one participant presents a research project that is in progress. The other participants provide feedback, accountability, and support to each other. Our topical scope is defined by the interests of the people who show up and participate. That said, to ensure that we can give useful advice to each other, we are interested in participants whose work involves empirical social scientific research into social media, online communities, collective action, organizations, collaboration, and related topics. We embrace a wide range of methods.

If you have questions about DYR or are interested in joining, you should contact Kaylea Champion, Wm Salt Hale or Nate TeBlunthuis.

Get connected/involved[edit]

We welcome participation by faculty and students who feel that they might be a good match.

We will are currently planning to meet over the summer at a time and place yet to be determined. Fill out the When is good poll to help us choose a time.

To get additional information about the workshop, contact one of the organizers (Kaylea, Salt, Nate) or subscribe to our email list: dyr-uw@communitydata.cc via https://communitydata.cc/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/dyr-uw

Format and expectations[edit]

  • For each meeting, one person (the host) will circulate a document related to their current research projects. This will typically be a draft of a paper but could also be a paper along with reviews, an outline, proposal, or "one-pager" for a new research project, a grant proposal, or a draft of a presentation. We welcome projects in any stage of development where the group will be able to provide meaningful and actionable feedback over the course of at least 45 minutes.
  • We ask that hosts who are circulating written work do so no less than 1 full "business day" prior to the meeting.
  • We expect that everybody attending the meeting will have carefully read the document circulated beforehand. Although questions and clarification are normal, hosts will not be giving formal presentations (unless, of course, somebody is looking for feedback on a presentation they hope to give at a conference, etc).
  • DYR is a research community. To achieve this, we ask that all attendees to commit to participating regularly (i.e., all or most weeks in a given quarter) and that it's not really a place for sometimes attendees. In particular, we expect that the folks presenting work will all be regulars and that presentations will rotate among these regulars. This expectation should not be interpreted as a requirement that folks to commit to attend regularly before they try us out!