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17:18, 22 April 2016 (EDT)

Building a Dataset using the Socrata API and[edit]

In this project, we will explore a few ways to gather data from using the [Socrata open data API. Once we've done that, we will extend this to code to create our own datasets of civic data that we might be able to use to ask and answer questions in the final session.


  • Get set up to build datasets with the Socrata API
  • Have fun collecting different types of data from
  • Practice reading and extending other people's code
  • Create a few collections of different types of data from Socrata that you can do research with in the final workshop session

Today's project: Analyzing traffic on the Burke-Gilman Trail[edit]


Download the Socrata project[edit]

Click here to download the scripts

If you are confused by these steps, go back and refresh your memory with the Day 0 setup and tutorial and Day 0 tutorial

(Estimated time: 10 minutes)

Topics to cover[edit]

  • explain Socrata open data platform, exists on other government websites
  • navigate to api page and show the documentation, point out examples
  • introduce the API sandbox as a tool for building queries

Example questions[edit]

Other example questions
  • What day of the week does the Burke Gilman have the most total traffic?
  • What day has the most pedestrian traffic?
  • What time of day has the most southbound traffic, on average?
  • How many shoplifting calls has SPD responded to this month so far?


API resources

Datasets used in this project[edit]

You don't need to download these, but you may want to open the links below to view them online, so that you understand the data we will be working with.

Other Socrata sites