Community Data Science Workshops (Core)/Planning Checklist

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  • (Done SP2016) Create new Google drive folder and invite people that work on it
  • (Done SP2016) Copy registration pages from both participants and mentors
    • Read through and tweak details and dates



  • (Done SP2016) Create/copy a new announcements document in the shared Google Drive folder
  • Send announcements
  • Write blog posts on CDSC blog
  • (Done SP2016) Tweet, send on social media, etc.

Funding and Rooms[edit]

  • (Done SP2016) Contact someone at eScience to help cover funding for food
    • (Done SP2016) Mako has contacted Bill Howe in the past
  • (Done SP2016) Contact somebody at the Department of Communication to cover drinks
    • (Done SP2016) Mako has contacted David Domke in the Department of Communication
  • (Done SP2016) Decide on for morning lectures (e.g., the Ooedgard ALC or SAV)
  • (Done SP2016) Contact someone at Odegaard/UW libraries about the Active Learning Classrooms (that link includes both a schedule online and a page to request the room). Our contacts in the libraries are Jennifer S. Muilenburg <> (data management librarian) and Susie Cummings <> (who helps manage the ALC)
  • (Done SP2016) Decide on and find rooms for afternoon sessions (e.g., UW Research Commons or the Communications (CMU) Building or something else


  • Coffee at etc at HUB: place an order the day before if possible. Need a couple people to carry 3 coffee (2 blonde; 2 medium), 40 cups, 1 large cup of half and half, other misc stuff. Need napkins as it always gets messy.
  • Session 1: Pizza from Jet City Pizza (*PHONE NUMBER (206) 525-2225? verify with mako/jmo*) for X vegetarian pizza, Y vegan pizza, Z, gluten free pizza, A vegan/gluten free pizza. A little bit of salad. Always ask for plates and napkins (otherwise they may not bring them).
  • ­ 4 -> next time 2 Large Gluten Free cheese
  • ­ 1 Large Gluten Free Pineapple
  • ­ 3 -> next time 1 Large Gluten Free (Sauce & Non Dairy Cheese)
  • ­ 1 Large Gluten Free (onions, mushrooms, black olives & non dairy Cheese (no sauce))
  • ­ 2 -> next time 1 Large sauce & non­dairy cheese
  • ­ 10 Large Cheese pizzas
  • ­ 5 Large spicy peppers
  • ­ 2 -> next time 3 large Green Pepper/ Onions
  • ­ 2 -> next time 3 Large Pineapple/ Oranges
  • ­ 2 Large Pineapple
  • ­ 1 Large Onions/ Tomatoes
  • ­ 1 -> next time 2 Large Mushroom/Spinach
  • ­ 2 Large Black Olives/ Mushroom
  • ­ 7 -> next time 4 Family Size Salads (Dressing on side): bring a big bowl next time so that it's less messy when serving.
  • Session 2: Indian food from Jewel of India at (*PHONE NUMBER (206) 523-5275? verify with mako) for 4 vegetarian dishes, naan, and rice at $12/person for 67 people ($800) -> ordered 75 people in Spring 2016 and it was just enough - 80 should be perfect? Ask for plates, utensils, napkins, utensils, and serving spoons!
  • Session 3: Greek food from Maria Savranakis(email at
vegetarian food for 65 people. $11 per person for vegetarian food, delivery, taxes, paper

plates, napkins and plastic ware.

- Spanakopita
- Veggie dolmathes
- Hummus and pita
- Greek salad
- Vegetarian Souvlaki- skewers of marinated vegetables.
- Rice
- Oven baked potatoes in olive oil, garlic and oregano avaliable

Session 0 & 1 Preparation[edit]

  • (Done SP2016) Create new mailing lists (requires UW ID) at UW like and
  • Add people who are accepted to the mailing list
  • Add people who are accepted to the mailing list
  • Email attendees individually to tell them they were accepted, and have them check the mailing list to make sure they are gettingupdates
  • Create new wikipages for the new data
  • Check the CodeAcademy lessons to make sure they are up
  • Check the documentation for installation to make sure things work
  • Try out Anaconda installation
  • Email all the mentors to see if there's anybody they would like to have brought in off the waitlist
  • Draft/update acceptance email
  • Draft/update waitlist email
  • Send accept email! :-)
  • Send waitlist email :-(

Session 2 Preparation[edit]

*Send attendee reminder announcement out with survey
  • Prepare feedback survey
  • Update the wiki - are tutorials up to snuff?
  • Check supporting resources are still working as expected (e.g. signing up for Twitter API; Tweepy; PlaceKitten;)
  • Verify workshop leaders and instigators for afternoon workshops