Community Data Science Course (Spring 2015)/Day 6 Coding Challenges

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Who are my followers?[edit]

  1. Write a program to find out how many people a particular user follows?
  2. For each of your followers, find out how many followers they have.
  3. Make a "famous ratio" for a given user which I'll define as 'number of followers a person has divided by number of people they follow. Try out @makoshark, and @pontifex (the Pope). Who is higher?
  4. Identify the follower you have that also follows the most of your followers.
  5. How many users follow you but none of your followers?
  6. Repeat these analyses for people you follow, rather than that follow you.
  7. Identify the "famous ratio" for every one of your followers or friends? Who has the highest one?

Topics and Trends[edit]

  1. Modify to produce a list of 1000 tweets about a topic of your choice.
  2. Look at those tweets. How does twitter interpret a two word query like "data science"
  3. Do the previous step but eliminate retweets [hint: look at the tweet object!]
  4. For each tweet original tweet, list the number of times you see it retweeted.
  5. Get a list of the URLs that are associated with your topic using Twitter.


  1. Alter the streaming code to include a "locations" filter. You need to use the order sw_lng, sw_lat, ne_lng, ne_lat for the four coordinates.
  2. What are people tweeting about in Times Square today?
  3. Set up a bounding box around TS and around NYC as a whole.
  4. Do "static" (i.e., not using the streaming API) geolocation search using code like this:
d ='37.781157,-122.398720,1mi')