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Hi everyone, I'm Kaylea Champion, facilitating this study group. I volunteered for this because I'm interested in building up my intuition and instincts for statistics -- and I learn best by explaining and problem-solving. So help me learn; let me explain stuff to you or ask questions we can try to answer together. :) Kaylea (talk)

Hi, I'm Charles Kiene. You can call me Charlie. Prior to 2018, I had not taken a statistics course nor a math course since high school. I took and passed the 514/515 Introduction to Applied Biostatistics sequence here at UW this last school year. However, it covered a ton of material in a short amount of time at a very fast pace, and so I'm doing this "StatsGap work as a way to reinforce these fundamental statistics concepts and prepare myself for advanced stats courses this upcoming school year. My research interests focus on the ways that online communities are organized and governed by volunteer groups like moderators, as well as the kinds of systems and tools they use to solve difficult problems like managing membership growth and decline or scaled work from massive user influxes. Healspersecond (talk)