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Nada runs git (, our mailing lists (, the blog, taguette, and so on.

Many people have root on the machine (sayamindu, groceryheist, jdfoote, ads, kaylea, salt, nickvincent, mako, regina).

The server is located in the UW Department of Communication in a server room. If it is not responding to ping, your best bet is to contact Nick Myers <> and, if that fails, to try to get a hold of somebody from the tech team. Physical access to the machine and things like reboots is likely a 9-5 thing.


The wiki runs on The machine is a virtual machine hosted by gandi (in France). Currently mako and aaron (ads) have root access to the machine.


Anhel currently runs etherpad on Digital Ocean. Currently on Mako has access so if it goes down, we'll need him to fix it. :(